What is your current turn-around time?
Our turn-around time will always be listed in the banner at the top of the website. In general, our TAT runs anywhere up to 14 business days depending on order volume. 

Do you offer combined shipping?
We do offer combined shipping for those who place multiple orders within a short window; please be sure to contact us via email and we can either send you a code to remove shipping costs or refund excess shipping costs for orders that have already been placed.


Are all of your products cruelty-free and vegan? 
S&V is 100% cruelty-free and most products are vegan with the exception of a few perfume blends (those that are not vegan will always be noted). No products of ours are ever tested on animals, and we thoroughly vet any suppliers or companies we work with and/or purchase components or supplies from to be sure their beliefs align with ours. 

Why are there flecks or separation in my perfume?
We use a variety of components while creating our fragrances including: natural + synthetic molecules, fragrance oils, essential oils, absolutes, CO2s, etc. Some components can be insoluble in the base which can cause separation or little particles/chunks- this is perfectly normal and does not negatively impact your perfumes! We recommend lightly shaking or rolling your bottles to redistribute components and insure it is all blended together before use. 

What is the shelf-life of your products/How should I store my products? 
While perfume oils and extrait de parfums have indefinite shelf-life if stored properly consistently, we recommend using our perfumes within 2 years for best quality. Our bath + body products have a recommended shelf-life of 1 year.  All product should be stored out of the sunlight and in a cool, dry, and non humid area (while your bathroom might seem convenient, it’s one of the worst places to store these type of things!).