The Book Of Scents


 Winter 21/22 Collection

  • Blitzed: Peppermint infused lemonade, gin martinis, & a pop of fresh green bud. (Perfume Products Only)
  • Creature Comforts: A freshly laundered cozy winter sweater, a cup of mulled wine in hand, glowing fireplace, & a hint of tonka bean.
  • Krampus Woods: A wintery blend of fir trees swirled with peppermint and hints of vanilla & tonka bean.
  • Sleighed: Smoked cinnamon, simmered blood orange slices, citrus peel, & hints of guaiacwood smoke.
  • Winter Witch: White tea, ghostly lilac, winter cranberry, ethereal vanilla, juicy pomegranate, pink peppercorn, & a squeeze of pink grapefruit.

Winter Bathery Scents

*Not Available In Sampler Sets*

  • Eucalyptus Coconut
  • Cranberry Gingerale


Falloween 2021 Collection

  • Basic Witch: Because OMG Pumpkin EVERYTHING! A giant pumpkin milkshake with a side of sugar cookies slathered in decadent pumpkin flavored buttercream.
  • Rules Of Halloween: Pumpkin flesh, foggy night air, blown out jack-o-lanterns, and carefully checked chocolate bars.
  • Walking With A Ghost: Light & ethereal musk, fresh harvest pear, a whiff of perfume from a loved one long passed.
  • Dead But Delicious: A dark mossy crypt, blood splattered suede, leather pants, creepy musk, and a shot of blackberry bourbon. *OUT OF STOCK; 1ML OILS AVAILABLE IN RTS*
  • Malum Malus: Juicy red apple dipped in darkened caramel with notes of pink peppercorn, black musk, and dark oud. *OUT OF STOCK; 1ML OILS AVAILABLE IN RTS*


      Permanent Catalog

      • Absolutely Alice: A delightful sweet & fruitylicious blend of fresh peaches, wild red raspberries, and wafts of sweet spun sugar.
      • Bewitched: Caramelized torched wood, tendrils of smoke, sugared flames, & spilled coconut milk. 
      • Black Heart: Dark patchouli, clove, and caramel pipe tobacco.
      • Boo: Our version of a cult favorite brazilian boo-ty cream fragrance; an intoxicating grown-up gourmand blend of salted caramel, pistachio, jasmine, & vanilla.
      • Conjure: Freshly steeped black tea, crushed cranberries, palo santo bundles, remnants of smudge smoke, & a black pepper infused sugar cube.
      • Creature Of The Night: Cognac, blackberry merlot, whisps of smoke, a smidge of dark patchouli, & a drop of dark cacao.
      • Daydreamer: Lavender cream, honeydew melon, sage, and a hint of basil.
      • Deadite: Seemingly sweet blackberry jam with a sinister twist of patchouli, black pepper, and vanilla.
      • Ectoplasm: Zesty lime, otherworldly fog, sweet gummy candies, & a single lily for the dearly departed.
      • Enchantress: An enchanting blend of rhubarb, peach, black tea, ginger, and a hint of smoked vanilla.
      • Fae: Tropical guava, pink grapefruit, linden, a drop of lime, a pinch of spearmint, + a swirl of vanilla.
      • Fairytale: Fragrant citrus blossom, tufts of sweet candy floss, gardenia flowers, and hints of blood orange.
      • Fool: Tropical guava, aldehydes, sugared cannabis flower, & a hint of juicy peach.
      • Ghost: A mixture of light + dark vanilla notes to create a deep vanilla aroma reminiscent of vanilla extract.
      • Graveyard Smash: A scent reminiscent of a nice stroll through the local cemetery. Crisp leaves in the air, mossy gravestones, freshly dug plots, graveyard flowers, and a hint of your pumpkin latte.
      • His Name Was Jason: This scent may make you want to visit Camp Crystal Lake. The atmospheric scent of lake water, muddy foot prints, hints of greenery, and an old wooden cabin hidden behind pine trees.
      • Keep Your Temper: "Come Back! the Caterpillar called after her. I've something important to say! This sounded promising, certainly: Alice turned and came back again. Keep your temper! said the Caterpillar". A relaxing blend sure to help YOU keep your temper: Eucalyptus, herbal lavender, a sprig of spearmint, and a little hint of toasty marshmallows.
      • Mirabelle: Magnolia blooms, sugared white musk, fresh tangerine, and the smallest hint of black pepper.
      • Mistress Of The Dark: A sexy seductive blend of spun sugar, dragons blood, and patchouli.
      • Necronomicon: A unique combination of weathered book pages, leather, pipe tobacco, and a waft of blackberry bordeaux.
      • Nevermore: A beautiful light woodsy musk combined with fresh red rose and a dash of sweet tobacco.
      • Never Sleep Again: "9, 10, Never Sleep Again" This scent is sure to keep you up at night! Delicious rich strong coffee splashed with a tiny bit of vanilla bean and dark chocolate.
      • Psycho: A super blend of fresh yuzu fruit combined with notes of kaffir lime, ozone, black pepper, basil, & cucumber with a base of vetiver.
      • Silent Hill: The combination of foggy air, deep fire smoke, dark pomegranate, and hints of overturned dirt and honey. Welcome to Silent Hill!
      • Spirit: A simple yet beautiful aroma composed of synthetic ambergris. Reminiscent of ozonic/skin musk with hints of amber. If you enjoy a certain mainstream 'not a perfume' this is a must have.
      • Strange & Unusual: A blend of unusual notes including orange, peach, & cherry blossom combined with wafts of fresh basil and hints of powder.
      • The Golden Afternoon: Honeysuckle vines, freshly bloomed roses, jasmine flowers, the scent of sun-warmed honey blowing through the air, and a tiny hint of green grass.
      • The Rest Is Confetti: A cup of white tea, elegant white musk, marshmallow buttercream cupcakes, & soft rose petals.
      • Tutti Fuckin' Fruity: Ripe juicy peach, pulled fruit taffy, & vanilla cream.
      • Venom: Black pepper essential oil combined with sweet vanilla notes making for a sweet fragrance with a sting.
      • Vita Nova: Fresh cucumber, spring air, green grass, lilac flower, & fragrant sage.
      • We All Float: Rainwater, cotton candy, evil musk, & a few kernels of buttered popcorn.
      • White Witch: Ethereal vanilla, bulgarian rose, white musk, lavender, & a splash of tangerine.


      Bathery Only Scents

      *Not Available In Sampler Sets*

      • Ahh-vocado!: A combination of avocado, sea salt, blackberry, plums, and hints of fresh green grass.
      • Cotton Candy Cocoon: A tooth-achingly sweet blend of pink spun sugar cocoons coated with sweet goo. This is the perfect cotton candy!
      • Red Queen's Garden: The sweet scent of jammy roses combined with sweet tarts candy and a hint of powder.
      • White Rabbit: "I'm late, late for a very important date!" The scent of fresh green grass, wildly grown strawberries, and a hint of leather to ground it all out.